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blimey! icons!

icons by newkidfan

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icons by newkidfan
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Icons by newkidfan
Blimey! : Br. slang, Exclam. An exclamation of surprise. An abbreviated form of blind me.
Icons! : graphics. A small picture intended to represent something.

No permission needed to hit the add-friend button. I won't friend anyone back though as this journal is entirely public and I don't use it as a reading journal. Rather than listing all the things that can be found in this journal, I'm going to refer you to the tag list which is self-descriptive. The memories are no longer updated.


» Comment to let me know which icon(s) you are taking.
» Credit in the icon keywords or comments to blimey_icons or newkidfan. [tutorial]
» Do not hot-link.
» Do not edit.
» Read the FAQ before asking a question.

» None of my wallpapers can be used in a layout, as a header, or posted on any other sites.
» If you're using one of my mood themes, it has to be credited to blimey_icons in your user info while you are using it.


Start by reading the rules.

» Do you take requests?
Sometimes. A special post will be made when it is the case.
» Do you make layouts?
Yes. I post them at interlinea.
» What program do you use?
I use Corel and Photoshop.


» current affiliates!
» Wanna be an affiliate? Comment here.

Current layout by me. Not shareable.

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