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blimey! icons!
icons by newkidfan
09 x 2 SG:A mini icons 
I should probably be worried I had so much fun doing these. My only excuse is boredom really. I made those to be used instead of the generic lj user icon, but feel free to use them otherwise if you wish. I could probably be very easily persuaded to do that for other fandoms, like Lost, if some of you are interested.

Example: blimey_icons

I'm usually pretty cool concerning crediting but this time, crediting is necessary for those little buggers. :P


From left to right:
Carson. Elizabeth. Rodney. Ronon. Sheppard. Teyla. Wraith. Zelenka. McShep.

EDIT: Requests
Sheppard/Beckett. The team. Ford. Jumper.

EDIT: How to use

You can use those icons with free or paid accounts as long as the layout you've chosen allows you to link back to an external style sheet. In your style sheet, just paste the code below. Do not forget to edit the part in red according to the width of the icon you're using and the part in green with the url of the icon. :)

span.ljuser img {
	visibility: hidden;

span.ljuser a {
	width: 16px;
	height: 16px; 
	background-image: url(http://yourUrl/example.gif);
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-position: left center;
	padding-top: 2px;
	padding-bottom: 2px;
	margin-right: 2px;

.ljuser a img {
	width: 16px; 
	height: 16px; 
	padding-top: 2px;
	padding-bottom: 2px;
	margin: 0px;

span.ljuser a b {
	padding-top: 2px;
	padding-bottom: 2px;
	background: #FFFFFF;

04|06|06 - 23:05 (UTC)
omfg those are ADORABLE. I don't know a thing about SGA but I want to cuddle them anyway!
04|06|06 - 23:11 (UTC)
ZOMG SO CUTE!! Ganked the square men, round women, and both wraiths. Um, and McShep. WHERE TO PUT THEM. I would enjoy other fandoms, too. Like Lost. Or regular Stargate! Or, like, VMars. I DON'T KNOW. JUST SO CUTE.
04|06|06 - 23:16 (UTC)
Um, you could also make more SGA characters. Like Ford? Or a puddle jumper? I WOULD LOVE A PUDDLE JUMPER. Anyway. Just sayin'...SGA is love. And so are these.


Sorry. Really I'll just go squee somewhere else.
04|06|06 - 23:15 (UTC)
Those are so adorable! And it's such a neat idea! I know there isn't a big chance,but would you consider making one with Summer(The OC) for me?Please,please.
04|06|06 - 23:22 (UTC)
Man, I would but I really don't see how to represent Summer. Let me think about it for a little while and I'll get back to you. I'm not making any promises though. :)
04|06|06 - 23:23 (UTC)
oh, these are adorable. i'm going to have to research to figure out how to use them, but i'm nabbing the McShep one - thanks a bunch for sharing!!
05|06|06 - 04:39 (UTC)
I posted the css code to be able to use them. :)
04|06|06 - 23:34 (UTC)
these are just the cutest things ever :P

I'd love for you to make some from other shows (I dont actually watch sg:a)!
05|06|06 - 04:40 (UTC)
I will :) And thank you!
05|06|06 - 00:18 (UTC)
I don't understand how to use 'em, but they are adorable. *squee*
05|06|06 - 04:40 (UTC)
I posted the css code to be able to use them, in case you're interested :)
05|06|06 - 00:36 (UTC)
That's so cool. I'd love to know how to use them too, and I would also love to see Lost ones eventually. :)
05|06|06 - 04:41 (UTC)
I posted the css code to be able to use them. :) And I will make Lost ones.
05|06|06 - 00:43 (UTC)
Just wanted to let you know that you've been nominated for some categories over at The LJ Awards. :-)
05|06|06 - 04:41 (UTC)
oh? Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out :)
05|06|06 - 00:43 (UTC)
Oh man, I love these! They are so cute. I haven't even seen SGA (but I plan to).
05|06|06 - 00:46 (UTC)
Also, if you ever get bored enough to make some from Firefly or Smallville ::cough:: River or Lex ::cough::, I wouldn't mind seeing those. ;)
05|06|06 - 00:43 (UTC)
These are freaking adorable! I've snagged a McShep, and as soon as I figure out how to use them, I will. Will definitely credit. :)
05|06|06 - 04:42 (UTC)
I posted the css code to be able to use them. :)
05|06|06 - 00:59 (UTC)
OMG I love those!! Those are so cute! You should do a Shweir one, and a Ronan/Teyla one lol... but only if you want to. =D
05|06|06 - 04:42 (UTC)
Sure thing. I will... and I just posted the css code to be able to use them. :)
05|06|06 - 01:44 (UTC)
LOL, that's awesome!
05|06|06 - 01:58 (UTC)
I've never seen SGA, but I had to drop by and say they are SO. CUTE.
05|06|06 - 04:43 (UTC)
Thank you sweetie :)
05|06|06 - 02:02 (UTC)
these are sooooo cute! =D
05|06|06 - 02:08 (UTC)
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