Posting so that blimey_icons is not deteled as I haven't posted in years. Don't have any icons to post. I may have a new batch one day just as well as I may not. I do not know!
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Mel (newkidfan)

Tutorial - Masks,Tonal Value, Watercolor Effects, etc...

How to go from:


This tutorial deals with masks, tonal values and watercolor effects... among other little details. The icon was made in Photoshop 7 but the tutorial is explained with screenshots of CS4, and shortcuts are given for both versions. This means, as far as I know, that this tutorial can be adapted to pretty much any version of PS you may have.

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50 misc.

I usually wait until I have at least 12 icons of the same show before posting anything, but even though I've had some of those on my drive for eons, I'm still nowhere near completing a full set and I haven't posted anything in forever and I'm tired of seeing them sitting on my drive so I have decided to post everything I have so far and start afresh. Oh and before you ask... SGA people, next time, there will be icons from "The Shrine" for sure. :)

50 icons in total:

01-20 Stargate: Atlantis
21-35 Verbotene Liebe (Christian and Olli)
36-42 Lost, Matthew Fox
43 Greg Grunberg and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes)
44-45 CSI NY
46-47 Alias
48 Bridget Jones
49-50 Midsomer Murders

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